Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips that you can Avoid Accident

A kitchen is a place for cooking the delicious foods or prepares something else for eating. What’s kitchen related to? sharp knives, fire, sleek shiny surface, oven, electricity, multi-types of pots and lots of other things like these. All these are necessary for cooking your delicious food, but did you notice? Kitchen safety is one of the most important factors. Is your kitchen secured form unexpected accident? or what safety have you taken for your kitchen? Perhaps you have forgotten or had some steps against it. But be sure you have these kitchen safeties at your kitchen.

Basic safety features:

  1. Initial kitchen safety.
  2. Safety for children or babies.
  3. Preparation of First Aid treatment.

Kitchen Safety Tips :

1. Wear non-slip able shoes in the kitchen:

Usually, it is seen that kitchen is wet or sorry and has a strong tendency of slipping your feet. So, you might fall in great danger unexpectedly. You should wear sturdy shoes to avoid slipping.

Suppose you have kitchen gears at your hands and you fall down, imagine what would happen. The breakable gears will break down into pieces and you might heart by them too.

The footwear is best for walking in your kitchen. These food wares are non-skid, sturdy toe cap, comfortable to wear, and has a supportive arch.

2. Try to Keep Dry your hands:

When you are in the kitchen you should keep your hand dry. This is most important dealing with the complicated things in the kitchen. If you hold something at your wet hand, the things might slip down to the ground. This is why the chef always keeps a dry towel for wipe their hands. This is very simple things but it could save you from great dangers.

Drinking a glass, cooked dishes or pots should behold in dry hands otherwise it would fall down. Moreover, wet hands conduct heat rapidly. So, if you hold a hot item, be sure your hands are dry, otherwise, you might scorch.

3. Keep Sharp blades at the safe place:

When you cut something with a sharp blade like knives or something else, wash it immediately after use. Never keep knives or sharp blades in water unconsciously, it might be injurious for you later on. Always try to keep your knives or forks at a safe place in a proper way. If the knives are foldable, fold it after use. Don’t try to catch a falling knife, rather try to step back to protect yourself.

Never keep unclean the food processor blades, immersion blenders or knives and forks, wash these things part by part and individually. Otherwise, if you keep these unclean longer times it might because of growing dangerous diseases.

4. Store your kitchen Gear Properly:

Never keep your kitchen gears here and there. keep these things on the shelves properly. Otherwise, during cooking, you might not find the right things on right time or you might break down the things behind your knowledge.

In the modern kitchen, there is a cabinet for keeping the gears individually. If you store your cooking types of equipment properly you will find them easily and it will save your time. Not only that, you can be able to avoid any unexpected accidents.

5. Always keep your floor and counters free from debris:

You will find it hard to work in a congested space and it would be dangerous too. before start cooking, be ensure your cooker is clean well enough. Use drawer for keeping your necessary small instruments, if you stuff it around the oven, it would get fire unexpectedly. Keep your ways to fridge, sink and table free form debris or something else, you might fall into danger.

Wipe up spills as soon as possible like sticky foods. Honey brings ants, dropped raw chicken helps to grow germs and bacteria’s. Small pieces of foods restrict walking at the kitchen and might causes of slipping.  So, keep your kitchen free form debris and unnecessarily things.

6. Keep ready a fire Handy Extinguisher:

The accident is not unexpected in the kitchen but it’s quite common. Fire accident is one of the most dangerous of all other accidents. If you fall down it would break your bones down or be injured but if fire accident held it would cause of your lifetime risk. So, always keep a handy fire extinguisher at your kitchen to avoid fire accident.     If the fire is massive and is not possible to control, call 911 without delay. A handy extinguisher can wipe out short fire instantly.

7. Use common sense:

Use common sense dealing with kitchen. suppose you want to take something form a little bit high, you are tipping your chair back and might fall in danger. but stop doing that just bring a chair and pick it up. Never keep your knives land lids open after using them. it might be a dangerous or injurious thing.

8. Wear Kitchen Uniform:

You should have a uniform for your kitchen and during cooking, you should wear the uniform. It will save you from a few unwanted things like the dust or food ingredient in your clothes. Your clothes might be dirty. So, wear a uniform and keep safe.

Safety for children or babies

9. Keep your kitchen safe from children:

As children are unconscious about unexpected dangers so they often go to the kitchen and fall into danger. Put a protective guard on the sharp corners so that your children might not get a heart. keep locking your kitchen, otherwise, your children might enter into to kitchen and do any dangerous things and he might fall in danger.  Especially, the electrical lines and plugs should be shield so that the children might not injure. Children also might eat the toxic spices on your absent. So be 100% sure your kitchen is safe your children and try to lock the kitchen when you are absent from the kitchen.

Preparation of  First Aid treatment

10. Keep ready your first aid kits:

The accident is not expected, but if it happened behind your knowledge, you should always read your first aid kit for this situation. If an accident occurs at your kitchen, you apply primary treatment as soon as possible from your first aid kit. It will save you from greater danger. Keep fire burnt medicines, painkillers, bandages, antiseptics, elastic bandages, gloves and other things related to treatment.

Final Word:

The kitchen is essential in our life, but we should keep our kitchen safe and secure from every step of the possibility of danger. We should fully conscious about the lest possible danger. Take extra preparation for your kitchen, use properly your kitchen. So, before using your kitchen first check the safety of your kitchen.

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