10 Super Healthy Foods For Your Kids

Children are the most valuable asset to the parents. They are their future hope. Every single parents want to make their children healthy and genius. But children’s health and genius mostly depend on good food. For this we should always be careful to select of children’s food.

Not only these but also be safer so that food cannot do any harm on children’s health. We should put emphasis on food value of children’s food. If foods become healthy then the children will be happy and free from diseases. Most of the children like to eat a lot of junk food. But it is a wrong idea.

Junk food doesn’t contain good food value. Rather it causes harmful effect on health. So, we should always select right foods that can make our children energetic, free from disease, boost. Vitamins, minerals, nutrition, antioxidants remain equally such kinds of foods are best for the children.

9 Best Foods for Children

All kinds of foods are not suitable for children. Foods that have a great demand to the children for keeping them well must be selected by you for your children. Among them 10 best foods for children are given below:

1. Milk as children food: 

Milk is an ideal food. Among all kinds of foods milk is the best to the children. It get always priority. Milk is a good source of calcium, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and proteins those are much needed to the kids. Besides kids can drink milk easily because of its liquidity and easily digest. Milk protects attack of diseases and keeps healthy.

2. Eggs:

Try to make habit to eat egg from the childhood. Keep it in a little amount in your kid’s food menu. Because eggs contain cholesterol but they are free from lot of saturated fat. Extra fat is very bad to the children. Besides eggs contain lot of food value which are certainly needed to your child. It can keep your child free from disease and provides energy.

3. Cereal: 

You should make a habit to your child as it is growing day by day. Whole grains can supply calcium and fiber. These are very necessary to keep body fit. Iron, minerals and vitamins can also be found in cereal. A certainly needed ingredient carbohydrate is mostly found in cereal. So, it is essential to the child.

4. Fruits: 

When you child is growing up day by day you should add fruits in your child’s food menu. Various seasonal fruits like banana, apples, mango, berry, date, grape, oranges, pomegranate etc. should be included. All these fruits contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. those make antibody in your child’s health. As a result, kids can be happy and healthy.

5. Vegetables: 

Add some vegetables with other food for your child. Try to maximize it when your child is growing up day by day. Green vegetables are more suitable to the children. They can provide necessary amount food value and helps to digest foods. From making vegetable menu you also can add carrots, corn, peas and potatoes too. These make your children strong and boost.

6. Fish: 

As your children are growing up day by day they need protein power. Fish can provide this. Small fishes are the best for the children. Small fishes are great sources of vitamins and proteins. Try to make habit to eat small fishes gradually. Small are directly responsible for child’s growth and earning energy. So, cook some fish recipes for your children to meat up the demand of proteins and other vitamins daily.

7. Butter: 

Butter is very healthy food for the children. Butter provides a lot of fats and vitamins. But it is necessary to keep in mind that extra fat causes harm the body. It can make them fatty. Keep in a moderate way. Butter also provides energy and strength.

8. Yogurt: 

Yogurt can be a good food for the babies. Yogurt can fill the deficit who doesn’t drink a lot of milk. Yogurt is a healthy drink to the children as it provides calcium profoundly. So, it helps to make the bones strong and active.

9. Oatmeal: 

As oatmeal contains a lot of cereal so it is very energetic to the children. For feeding this item you can make oatmeal cookies, oatmeal bars. Oatmeal produces fiber which an essential ingredient to make the body fit.


If you want to keep your children healthy and fit you make a regular food menu for your children. Children’s food habit changes according to their age. But you should keep in mind all time that you have to provide them to cope up with the age. If your food menu is good then your children nourishment will also be excellent. So, try to maintain a good food habit for your children and let them be healthy and energetic as well as genius.

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