10 Secret Health Benefits of Olive Oil

This is our common belief that fat is harmful to our body. No, this is not always true cause some fat rather useful for our physical fitness and quite essential for our body. Do you know the name of the fat? Yes, you rightly guessed, it’s Olive Oil. There are lots of benefits of Olive Oil lies behind our knowledge. As a health researcher, I am explaining the benefits of olive oil so that you can have a clear conception of knowledge of olive oil and you can be benefited.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a casual type of oil that is made of some fruits of olive trees. The oil is manufactured by pressing the olive fruits and through the refinery process its come to us as olive oil. Olive oil is full of fat but researchers found that this fat is quite helpful for our diet. You will be surprised to hear that it contain 119 calories, 1.94 mg Vitamin E and 8.1 mg Vitamin K, 1.9 g Saturated fat, 9.9 g monounsaturated fat, 10.5 g polyunsaturated fat. Though we commonly use olive oil for cooking it has multiple ways of uses and benefits. This is why olive oil has become worldly popular.

10 secret health benefits of olive oil

  1. Good for sexual life
  2. Weight loss benefit
  3. Pain relief treatment:
  4. Prevent heart disease
  5. Skin savior and mental agility
  6. Keep safe your immune system and health of the brain
  7. Control Diabetic
  8. Pregnancy supplementary
  9. Remove kidney stone
  10. Longevity

1. Good for sexual life:

Olive oils are highly and effectively used for sexual life. If you feel problem in the special moment during a sexual expedition, it might be embarrassing. You might think of taking effective drugs for curing this problem. If you think like this, stop your thinking here. Because these drugs have strong side effects and you might fall in greater danger. So, strictly avoid drugs for this types of sexual problem. As a researcher, I want to suggest you using olive oil instead of drugs. Olive oil is a natural solution for your sexual problem and there is no side effect of olive oil, rather this is quite good for your health. Olive oil increases the blood circulation, so scientifically this is true that you will be benefited by intercourse sexual problems.

2. Weight loss benefit:

When we eat the fatty food. these fats are accumulated in our body. There are three types of fat visceral fat, neutral fat and brown fat and among these visceral fats is very harmful. The fat of olive oil helps to digest the organism and it is used in the body and doesn’t deposit as fat level. Moreover, our body requires a fixed amount of fat, so we should use olive oil for cooking and this fat will not increase the visceral fat so you will not become fatty and weighted. Rather if you can use olive oil for a long time, it will definitely lose your weight. So, as a weight loss treatment, you can start using olive oil for your cooking food.

3. Pain relief treatment:

Olive oil being chronic inflammation, it’s helpful for few very serious disease like asthma, allergies, heart disease cancer etc. Moreover, in research, it is found that it has anti-inflammation agents named oleocanthal, so doctors often suggest olive oil for chronic diseases as a pain relief.

4. Prevent heart disease:

Olive oil is very effective for the people who are high in risk of heart disease. A research is done over 7,447 people who are at high risk, they are given olive oil in their diet system and a very effective result has come out. It reduces the high blood pressure level and keeps control of heart disease, especially effective on cardiovascular risk factors. Olive oil also assists to control hypertension functionality. So, daily uses of olive oil through diet keep you safe from the heart attack and risk of stroke.

5. Skin savior and mental agility:

Olive oil has anti-aging reagent named osteoporosis that mostly helpful for protecting skin from being damaged. It is found that this oil overlays a protective coating level on the skin and save the skin from damaging the cell. This is why your skin will not lose its fairness longer year after years. Having the presence of monounsaturated fat olive oil is responsible for preventing cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s. Longer time use of olive oil might give you these outputs.

6. Keep safe your immune system and health of brain:

Olive oil can resist the infection of the immune system as it has lots of antioxidants. too much antioxidant is not found in any other oils. So, for keeping your immune system safe from many types of infection. Start using olive oil. This oil is also helpful for brain health. It clearly regulates blood circulation, so your brain will work perfectly. This is why it’s important using olive oil to keep fit your brain.

7. Control Diabetic:

Olive oil lowers the level of cholesterol in our body and as you know cholesterol is responsible for the diabetic. It has saturated and polyunsaturated fat which are responsible for controlling blood cholesterol levels in our body. Olive oil also has the high level of monounsaturated fat that effective to make good cholesterol and HDL in our body.

8. Pregnancy supplementary:

During pregnancy, it is seen that mother lower abdomen has the scratch. If the mother uses olive oil regularly on the lower abdomen she will found there no scratch after or before pregnancy duration. So, even after the birth of the baby mother skin will look like before.

9. Remove kidney stone:

Systematic use of olive oil can able to eliminate stones from a kidney. You have to make a mixture of 2 ounces of lemon juice, 2 ounces of olive oil and water. Regular use of this mixture of olive oil successfully removes stones from a kidney.

10. Longevity:

As olive oil prevents you so many serious diseases and if you sincerely use olive oil with your daily life, it will lengthen you age. I mean you will live the longest life without facing so many serious diseases. like diabetic, cancer, blood pressure, heart attracts, stroke etc. So, we can definitely tell that olive oil will keep you healthy and will assist to live well.

Special Note: Olive oil is such types of fatty oil that is quite an assistance of life safe. We didn’t know the importance of olive oil, so we were indifferent to use of it. Researchers, scientist, and doctors have brought out the Secret Health Benefits of Olive Oil.

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