How to Boil Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is used both as vegetable and fruit at the same time. It has a sweet taste that makes the food tasty. We can use it as our daily food. Because of its food value and nutritious value it has become very much popular. People also accept it heartily. As a vegetable, we can use it in our curry. Sweet potato fry also very tasty.

On the other hand, like fruit, we can eat directly. Boiled and non-boiled sweet potato can be eaten. But some people like to eat sweet potato as a vegetable. For this, they need to maintain some rules to prepare the sweet potato. Sweet potato doesn’t lose its food value if it is boiled and cooked. Boiled sweet potato gives energy and makes us strong.

Food value of sweet potato

Sweet potato has good food value. It has now become a popular food item to the people all over the world. It doesn’t lose its nutritious value if it is cooked. Rather it enhances the taste if it is cooked. Fry them into hot soy oil. Various kinds of vitamins and anti-oxidants remain hugely in sweet potato. We can get these in our body if we take sweet potato as a food. Sweet potato contains a lot of carbohydrates which is one of the greatest sources of power in the human body. As a result, we can get energy and keep well.

Nutrition contains in sweet potato

Sweet potato has very nutritious value. All of these ingredients will fill up the deficit of your body. Vitamins and other food value contain hugely in the sweet potato are given below:

  • Vitamin A
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Carbohydrates
  • Choline
  • Folate
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • anti-oxidants
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

Methods of boiling the sweet potato

Cooking is an art. Cooking methods vary from item to item. Sweet potatoes have also some particular methods to cook. For this reason, you must some specific rules. Some specific methods are given below:

  1. Purchasing sweet potato: Before cooking sweet potato purchasing them is the first step. You should select good sweet potatoes when you purchase them. Always keep in mind to avoid the bad ones. Straight and healthy one can give you much advantage to prepare for cooking. Avoid rotten sweet potatoes.
  2. Store in a cool and safe place: If you feel to get available in your menu you can store them in your house. For this purpose, you should buy orange-flesh sweet potatoes. During purchasing time you must look for small to medium sweet potatoes that have smooth skin and are firm and free of soft spots. Select a cool and dry place for storing them. But you should not store them in the refrigerator. Don’t peel out the body. To get it all the year round you can store in your home purchasing from the markets.
  3. Wash cleanly: Before cutting them in small pieces you must wash them cleanly because sometimes there may be muddy and dust in the body. This will ensure your health factor. Washing them in the clean water you should need to dry in the sunlight. Remember that wet sweet potato gets rotten very quickly and spoils another sweet potato.
  4. Peel whole potato: After washing sweet potato peel up whole potato. A knife may be used for this purpose. Notice the deep part of the potato may be attached peel. Green potatoes are best to peel up.
  5. Find even surface: When your sweet potato is peeled up out you need to roll it on your cutting board. To sit evenly you can cut a sliver of potato from one side. Then it will be stable. Round size potatoes become the standard size of pieces that also look beautiful.
  6. Boil the sweet potatoes: In this time you need to keep the potatoes in a pot or saucepan to boil. Then take a balanced amount of water in the pot so that all of the sweet potatoes remain under water. Now add a little amount of water to make the sweet potato taste. Cover the pot or saucepan and give heat under the pot. Give heat up to 10 to 12 minutes or until they are boiled. Once the outside of the sweet potatoes will be tender and soft. You can check them with a knife or a fork. You should boil them in a balanced way. Extra boiling makes them mash.
  7. Cut the potato into pieces as you like: When the potatoes are ready to cut into pieces then you should cut them into pieces as you like. Try to give them a standard size. It will be better for serving.
  8. Take a pot: After cutting sweet potatoes into pieces you must collect them in a pot or in a bowl. Putting the sweet potato pieces in the pot you must clean it nicely.
  9. Clean water: If there is any unwanted things attach with the sweet potato pieces you can wash them in clean water. But notice, you should not put any pressure on any piece of sweet potato. Then they might turn into mash or broken.
  10. Dry them: After washing the pieces in the clean water you should dry them. For this purpose, you can use the net. Keep them for a while and wait. After absorbing water nicely your sweet potato pieces are ready to cook.


Sweet potatoes are very available and cheap. We can get it all the year round from the supermarkets. Sweet potatoes are regarded both as the vegetable and fruit at the same time. We can get its benefit by taking both means. But tastes varies on menu. Green sweet potatoes are crispy and juicy. But cooked sweet potatoes are different tastes. Sweet potatoes have very much food value. Nutrition and a lot of carbohydrates may be culled from sweet potatoes. Our body needs extra energy. Sweet potatoes are very powerful ingredient. Which help us growing immunity and boost our body.

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